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15 June 2008 @ 11:38 am
My Muse Is Being Moody: Why Did I EVER Decide To Take Up Writing...  

The fifth chapter of Love Is A Battlefield is complete but it's not flowing right. I was able to iron out the kinks on the first half of the chapter but the second half of the chapter is buggging me. I don't know how to fix it. Maybe it's because I'm trying to write Trowa? He's ALWAYS given me a tough time. Heero's no better but at least I can get around him. Trowa though? No such thing... He's way more harder than Heero! I would probably even be able to pull off Zechs (he hasn't popped up yet). 

At any rate, I plan on cleaning up that chapter later on this evening. Today I'll be with dad because it's Father's Day! We're talking him out to eat and then we're going to hang out at his house. In other good news, I have finished my second Yu Gi Oh story! It's entitled "By Your Side" and it's already up over at fanfiction.net. I thought I did an okay job but I know there's room for imporvement. I'm a bit sad I've only got one review so far. Then again since the story isn't yaoi or shounen ai, I should have expected that....

I still plan on writing that Transformers story. As I matter of fact, I have another idea in mind as well. The second story is going to be set in the movie universe (just like the first story). With the second story, I'm going to focus on Optimus Prime and Megatron. We never got a clear picture as to what they were feeling so I'm going to try and get inside their heads. So the story is basically going to be, "what was going through their heads as they fought each other?" It's going to be heavy on the angst/drama/hurt/comfort though so if that's not your cup of tea then maybe my first story might be more to your liking. 

I cooked something new the other day too. It's a dish called shrimp paella but I'm too lazy to type everything up right now. When I get home, I'll type up all of the recipes I've been meaning to post. I think so far it's three dishes? I've been doing fairly well with what I eat, though I've fallen victim to the late night munchies...

Last night when I got off of work, I actually had Taco Bell. Not the best food to eat at night but I was hungry and I didn't want a bowl of cereal or some fruit so I caved. BUT I'm still doing better than most people. I've been watching my junk food and sugar intake. I could do better with my calorie watching but at least I'm trying! I know I've done a really good job with my salt intake. I rarely touch salty stuff unless I absolutely WANT salt. So that's a definite plus. ^___^ Now I'm off to enjoy my day with dad!

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