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04 August 2008 @ 11:47 pm
More Updates & Just A Small Bit of Griping  
All right... I haven't updated this journal in forever. Forgive me please? *gets big puppy eyes* I've uploaded at least three new stories. The first being a Yu Gi Oh two shot called "By Your Side". I posted that story a few weeks back. It primarily deals with Yugi's feelings on Yami/Atemu leaving and Yami/Atemu's feelings on having to leave Yugi. That particular story didn't go over very well. I only got one review... I knew Yu Gi Oh was a dead fandom but I didn't think it was THAT dead you know?

Then about a week ago, I posted a Batman one shot called "My Sacrifice". Though I don't read the comics, I've heard from a friend what's currently going on and I am not pleased. So thus "My Sacrifice" was born. In that story, it basically deals with how I think Batman would be broken beyond repair. See in the current comics, they're getting ready to end Bruce Wayne's career as Batman but they're not going to kill him. At least not yet anyway...

Instead they've drugged Batman and have him acting stupid, Nightwing is currently locked up in Arkham because he's been mistaken for someone else, Alfred was beaten up really badly and Robin is pretty much on his own. And supposedly Bruce Wayne has a biological son named Damien Wayne... Yeah right! That little twerp ain't his kid. I'm also not happy because Batman and Catwoman didn't get their happy ending. Instead it looks like Batman is going to be paired with Talia Ah Goul.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that Batman is at least getting paired up with a woman (yes there are fans who think the Bat swings the other way but that's a rant for another day) but why couldn't it have been Catwoman? It's clear and obvious to anyone that's where his heart truly lies. Plus their relationship is just so fun, spontaneous and absolutely tragic.

The only reason why the Bat and the Cat broke up was because Bruce wasn't ready to give up being Batman yet and Catwoman refused to play second fiddle to his crime fighting adventures. I mean can you blame her? Who would want to be stuck at home wondering whether or not their spouse is going to be coming home in one piece? Although technically I'm being unfair. The Cat is quite capable of taking care of herself but sooner or later, I could see her retiring and wanting to settle down.

Plus she's just a much more interesting character. Talia's just the second in command of a group of assasins PLUS she loves her father a little too much. I mean the main reason why her and Batman CAN'T be together is because her father comes first! She listens to him more than she listens to Batman. *growls in annoyance*

Anyway, the last story I just finished work on is a Transformers one shot called "I Need You". That story mainly deals with Bumblebee's thoughts/feelings when he was being held captive in the movie and how he finally realized that he cared for Sam.

I also have seven chapters of my Gundam Wing romantic comedy story posted. Apparently, I haven't given Relena's character justice because someone commented that she was a bit out of character in the last chapter. What I'm trying to do with the characters in this story is to show the ups and downs of their relationships. So many people give them happy endings and assume the non-yaoi pairings in Gundam Wing are just so happy and care-free. PLUS the romance usually ends up being how fast can the author get the couple in bed. Not ALL romances have to be about sex you know!

At any rate, when I start working on chapter eight, I'm going to explain in my author's notes about how I'm not very fond of how most people portray Relena. She's always being written off as either annoying, can't do anything for herself, entirely too dependent on Heero or always getting kidnapped/threatened.

I mean I can understand the kidnapping/threatening angle but every single H/R story? Come on! That's beyond predictable and stale. I like to see Relena being independent, a little saucy and definitely having some spunk/fire in her soul. I mean she faced off against Romefellar, OZ, etc, etc and came away from the confrontations WITHOUT a single scratch on her. If that doesn't come across as showing that she's more than capable of looking after herself then I don't know what does!

I suppose I'm just annoyed that most people have these preconceived stereotypes on how the Gundam Wing characters are supposed to behave. For instance, it's widely accepted and "common knowledge" that Quatre is totally in love with Trowa and vice versa. Duo's a long haired idiot who gets on people's nerves, Wufei's a chauvinistic pig who can't stand Duo or anyone else for that matter, Heero actually doesn't love Relena because secretly he has the hots for Duo, Zechs and Treize love each other-never mind the fact that BOTH of them had women who were totally devoted to them and actually admitted that they loved them and of course the Gundam girls all magically know each other and are best friends for life-never mind the fact that some of them never even met in the series and would probably only know about one another through the Gundam pilot they associate with the most!

You can tell I've been dealing with this fandom way too long huh? I know everyone is entitled to their opinions BUT it's just really tiring to have a different opinion. I'm trying really hard to keep everyone close to their respective personalities but I'm also trying to realistically show how I think their relationships would play out. I mean obviously they would all have to pursue relationships when they got older because in the series, NOBODY had time for romance.

Which brings me to my next point. How is it that the fans think ANYONE in Gundam Wing had time for romance or sex? Everyone was too busy trying to stay alive to even THINK about let alone ENTERTAIN the notion of romance or sex. My favorite thing ever though is how people pair Zechs with Dorothy and then the fans automatically assume the two of them were having sex on Libra. Ummm no not really. Zechs might be a blockhead when it comes to realizing how Noin feels about him BUT I'm pretty sure he wasn't sleeping with Dorothy on Libra. As for Dorothy having an interest in him?

Yeah right. She likes STRONG men. I'm not saying Zechs is weak but she likes her men to have confidence, strength and above all else she LOVES a man who fights for what he believes in. She definitely took a liking to Heero (though he avoided her at all costs) and she was definitely fond of her cousin Treize. But I never saw any signs that she was attracted to and/or liked Zechs. If anything, they were both just using each other. Besides, that pairing just doesn't feel right to me. Zechs is the property of Noin. Enough said.

Anyway, I suppose I've rambled enough for one entry. I'll just have to mention my thoughts on Relena's portrayal in the next chapter of "Love Is A Battlefield". I don't plan on being mean but I will definitely stress that my version of Relena actually has a backbone and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

Currently in the pipeline is chapter eight of Love Is A Battlefield and maybe another Transformers story. I haven't decided yet. Either way, I know I'm probably going to be working on two stories at once. I do want to try my hand at writing long stories again. I miss the thrill of actually planning and leaving my readers dangling. I'm a bit twisted I know but aren't all authors like that? ^___^
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Rose: Satisfiedladybug_pumpkin on August 5th, 2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Part III
You won't see me disagreeing with anything you wrote. I feel the same way. I just wish other fans felt the same. *sighs*
Honourable Fool: Hughonourable_fool on August 17th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC)
Hey! Don't mind me, bouncin' around... Anyways, I know you've mentioned this journal a few times, but I've only JUST managed to find it... //grins adorably// So I'm a bit of an idiot. Sue me! (Um, actually, don't. Please? I have nothing. Just my DVD's. That's all, I swear! And I NEED those!)

//ahem// Anyways, reading your whole Relena and Gundam rant made me grin. Like a big, happy fool. I loved it! It makes me want to go out and write a better Relena story. Which, speaking of, I think I need assistance.

I'm trying to make myself finish S&T before anything else, but for some reason I either hate everything I write or just can't get into it. I think I need some Duo inspiration, and I'm not too sure where to get it. Actually reading DuoxHilde stuff has helped a little, but my heart has not been in it. Do you have any suggestions? Idk. Maybe I just need a good GW conversation again. Like we started, but I failed to continue... //gulp//

//shrugs// Je ne sais pas. I just happen to know that you are a Duo fan so... Yea, I don't know. But anyways, they make a Fur Elise remix? What? I've just been staring at that, like, "huh?" Anyways, brilliant icon! And I will be friending this journal to get any (rare) fanfic updates.

Rose: Amusedladybug_pumpkin on August 18th, 2008 03:16 am (UTC)
Took you long enough to find my journal! ^__^ At any rate, I've got a nasty case of writer's block. I have about four pages of chapter eight written but so far I don't like what I have written... It's also not helping matters that my mood isn't exactly happy/humorous either. I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately. If you need help with Duo, feel free to ask any and all questions! And yes there's remix for Bethoveen! Although it's mainly various different techno artists who have taken the original song and remixed it. ^__^ Oh it's not that I rarely update. It's just I hardly write anymore because I have to be inspired to write. It's a long story... I'll share it with you sometime okay?