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13 April 2009 @ 10:10 pm
I'm So Terribly Ashamed: I Haven't Updated This Journal In Ages...  
This is just a small announcement but I have not dropped off the face of the planet. I forgot the password to my journal (more than once), changed it each time and yet when I tried to log into this journal I couldn't... So tonight when I was getting ready to change the password yet again, I somehow took a chance, typed in what I thought was the password and it worked! So yes... I am a definitely goober. You're more than welcome to laugh at me now.

In other news, I've uploaded two new Gundam Wing drabbles and the eighth chapter of Love is A Battlefield is currently uploaded. The first drabble I wrote was for Patriot Jackie who is a diehard Zechs/Noin shipper. So I wrote "Undeniable" as a Christmas gift for her. It basically explains (from Zech's point of view) how they fell in love. The other drabble I wrote "What Hurts The Most" centered on Wufei and Meiran's relationship. It was a radical departure from what I normally write. It was a tragic romance (if you're a fan of GW then you already know those two were doomed from the start) but I did a twist to their relationship.

Instead of them just disliking each other or simply tolerating each other, Meiran ended up contracting an illness (which I never named) and it was heavily implied that she was going to die. The story was mainly written in her point of view. Unfortunately Undeniable seemed to be the more popular story. Oh well... You win some and you lose some right? At any rate, nothing new to report on the exercise front or healthy living front. I've actually been pretty bad with those two things.

For starters, I injured myself (my knee was bothering me really bad) and I just don't have any desire to watch what I eat anymore. Maybe that's a sign of me being depressed or apathetic? Anyway, just thought I'd make a little update and let everyone know (friends and just those who are curious about me) what's been going on in my life.
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