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23 June 2010 @ 04:25 pm
No It's Not A Miracle: I'm Really Updating!  
So it's been almost three months since the last time I updated my journal. I've been busy working for a non-profit and trying to get everything in order for me to go back to school. Apparently, there's an issue with my Education Award. The Education Award is just what it says it is. At the end of your service, you receive an Education Award that will help you pay off school loans, the cost of college, etc, etc. As of now, the total amount is $4,725.

If I were completely finished with school, I could have come back and did a second year of service. That way, I would have received an Education Award of $5,350. So altogether, I would have received $10,075 and that would have been a nice dent in my student loans... At any rate, I'm lucky enough to have survived this year of service. It was a long and difficult road but I made it!

At any rate, we can use the award for whatever we'd like to do but in my case, I'm looking forward to using it to pay off some of my student loans. But there might be a problem with that. When I logged on to the AmeriCorps website, all of my contact information, etc, etc came up but there was a phrase that said Transfer Eligible that also came up. Next to that phrase, it had a capital N. So I sent off of an inquiry because as of yet, my Education Award has not come through. When I saw that phrase with the N behind it, red flags started waving in front of my face. I kinda panicked and thought maybe they were denying me access to my Education Award.

Okay false alarm! That particular phrase has nothing to do with my Education Award... For a moment, I was scared I'd worked those ten months for absolutely nothing. I ended up calling the AmeriCorps Hot-line and they confirmed that what I saw on the website after I logged in, had nothing to do with my Education Award. That revelation takes a load off of my shoulders!

In other news, I am employed! It feels weird waiting a whole week before I officially start my job but I can deal with a week off versus having the whole summer off. I would have went stir crazy if I would have had to sit around the house doing absolutely nothing. I would have liked to get a head start on school but maybe it's better I wasn't able to go to school this summer. A little break before I head back into the real world was probably a good thing.

I can't believe it though. It feels so surreal with how everything has come together for me this year. I grew as a person, discovered what's in my heart and for once, I actually have a clear future ahead of me. It's always scary when you're looking ahead to the future and all you see is murky, muddled waters. But with this new job, I feel like all kind of doors will open up for me. Not to mention, I feel as though this will be the last time I set foot on a college campus. Yep, I'm confident that this time next year, I'll be the proud owner of a college degree. And of course I'll still be employed at the hospital.

Yes, I will be working at a hospital. I have been trying to work at a hospital for years. For those of you who know me, you know I have my heart set on going to graduate school or medical school because I want to be a doctor. And in order to be a doctor, I need all of the experience I can get!

Over the years, I applied for all sorts of jobs in different hospitals and clinics but none of them ever called me back unless it was to tell me, I wasn't qualified for the job. So you can only imagine my excitement at finally being hired to work in a hospital! Some of my good friends work at the hospital I've been hired at too! So not only am I employed but I'll actually get to play catch up with some of them! Yes... Life is fabulous and I wouldn't have it any other way!
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