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23 April 2012 @ 01:18 am
A Political/Social Rant: Ignore This Entry If You Do Not Like Politics...  
As I've already posted on facebook, I was barred from voting on an issue in my state this past Saturday. To make a long story short, voters had to go to the polls to determine the fate of our bus system: Capital Area Transit System. Our bus system isn't very good compared to other bus systems so the whole point of voting this past Saturday was to give more money to the bus system so it would be able to better serve the people in Louisiana. There were three main areas that would be voting on this issue: Baton Rouge, Baker and Zachary. My sister and I went together around 6:45p to vote because our polls close for 8p. When we got to the place where we normally vote, there was a sign on the door that said the following: Dear Voter and Constituent, you are not eligible to vote on this particular issue. If you believe this is incorrect, please call the following number to speak with your local representative. We apologize for the inconvience.

Needless to say, everyone that showed up was confused, angry and disappointed. We all felt as though they didn't want the bill to pass. Because this is what the representative told some of the voters who talked to her: "I'm sorry you feel like this but your particular area is within the parish line but not the city limit. This tax won't affect your area and we only chose certain areas to help make sure the bill would pass. Last time we tried to pass the bill in all areas, it was defeated." Those were her words.

Most of us felt as though this was unconstitutional. Why would they post flyers, advertise the bill in the newspaper, television and on the internet all asking for support and then tell us we couldn't vote on it? What about the people we know who rely on the bus? Mothers who can't get to work unless they take the bus? Teenagers that have parents that can't afford more than one vehicle? People who rely on the bus to get to the hospital, clinic or doctor's office? What about them?

One of the local news chanels was contacted to report this incident and all we were told was the following: "I'm sorry you feel that way but the property tax won't affect your area. You'll have to take the complaint up with Cats." This was said by one of the reporter's on duty no less.

So basically this reaffirms my decision not to vote for the 2012 Presidential Election. If I couldn't vote for something as simple as a property tax to improve our bus system then that means they're going to come up with every excuse under the sun for why something went wrong with the polls in November. In other words, why should I go vote when my voice is being ignored as usual, nothing will change and America doesn't give a crap about morals, values or integrity anymore.

If anything, we spend time pointing fingers and blaming each other for stuff that doesn't even matter. Don't even get me started on how I feel about the different political parties... We've got a crappy governor that's just screwing us over left and right, a mayor that does little to nothing for our state, a police chief that's basically worthless and representatives and local officials that don't do anything. Is it a no brainer as to why Louisiana is practically last in almost everything?

Politics make me angry. When I really do try to understand political and/or social issues, I try to do legitimate research but I always find a bunch of nonsense. I just want intelligent, well thought out and truthful facts. Instead, I always find mud slinging gossipy half baked rumors that I could care less about. What happened to the days when the media would actually tell us the truth? Or better yet... Were they ever really telling us the truth? Probably not. Either way, I'm officially done with politics.

Everybody else can argue over who has the best interests in mind for America but I'm done. America just keeps digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole that has no end in sight. We probably won't be happy until we end up like Rome. An advanced nation that brought about its own downfall. That'll be us if we keep going the way we're going.

And before I finish this entry, I know people fought really hard for me to vote. I know voting should be held in high regard for me especially since I'm a woman and because I'm a minority but honestly? Do we really have the right elected officials in our offices? Do they really care about us or the struggles we go through? What do they care if we're being crushed by student loan debts, high unemployment rates because people (like me) that actually want to work can't find jobs because managers and companies are too scared to hire new employees, health insurance companies continue to rip us off, the cost of living is steadily increasing but minimum wage isn't and of course there's the very popular topic of marriage and kids. For some reason, we still have this backwards notion that women should be at home with the kids while the husband works.

Um, that might have worked back in the 40s and 50s but it's perfectly okay for a woman to go to work and make a good living for herself or her family. There is no reason why men should continue to earn more than women, get promoted faster than women (even if they're not the best candidate for a job) or looked favorably upon just because men don't get pregnant. Anybody that claims sexism and gender discrimination is dead in the work place needs to be dragged out behind a barn and shot. If it wasn't for us, men would have fallen apart but now. I hate to say this but it's not money or men that rule the world. Women do!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get off of my soapbox and go to sleep. I do have class in the morning. Hopefully the next time I post an entry, it'll be about happier things.
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